Perian Beta

Welcome to the Perian beta page!

Here is a beta of Perian 1.2.1. The beta phase is planned to be quite short, so please send your feedback soon. Please do not post the link to version tracking sites, as it will not stay up for very long.

Bugs: - Search, and if there isn't a ticket on the issue, make one or post on the forum. Be sure to include precise steps to reproduce; small sample files are helpful.
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Download Download Perian 1.2.1b2.
March 1st, 2010

Areas to Test

For 1.2.1:

Known Issues

These issues have been reported, but we do not have sufficient information to reproduce them. They will still be present in the release without more details.

For 1.2.1:

Version History

1.2.1 beta 2
FFmpeg was updated to fix a bug decoding multi-slice H.264 content.
1.2.1 beta 1
- Added Indeo 5 decoding. [r1271] Fixes: - Fixed several bugs in Matroska support (1.2 regression) [r1240, r1243] - Incomplete AVI files were not fully imported (1.2 regression) [r1242] - Fixed subtitles crashing in 10.4 [r1240] - Fixed a rare crash with .mp4 [r1265] - No error was shown if the installer somehow failed [r1270] Note that it does not try to correct errors, only report them. - Fixed crash in SSA support [r1250] - Fixed invisible subtitles sometimes appearing over the first frame [r1275]